Barcelona, Spain
Wed, Apr 4th
Learn How To Draw and Have A Glass Of Wine Socializing at Carrer de Roger de Flor

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We will work on a still life drawing; I will be teaching you starting from composition, the basics of how to draw, how to perceive the image with an artist's eye and translate it to paper, as well as the whole process for you to be able to achieve a beautiful finish and impressive drawing, including all aspects such as depth and dimension, shadows, reflections...Most importantly, you will have a great time whilst learning new skills.Sign up and come along, I can guarantee that you will really enjoy it and you will learn a lot!! I would like to invite you to check some of my paintings in my instagram: Jean Dahrieh (art of J.D.) -The class requires a minimum of 8 people and up to a maximum of 14.-I provide you with all necessary materials-wine, Soft drinks and water provided-cost: 15 eur Please ensure you arrive between 18:40 and 18:55, because the class will start at 19:00.

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